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Enkel sensors – English

 Manage your energy costs and optimize your processes with an easy to implement ENKEL mobile energy sub-metering system

Quick and flexible installation
Perfect tool for measurement campaigns

Detailed sub-metering
Up to 60 sensors per data logger
Scalability of the system towards a global supervision
(CO2, water, gaz, etc.)

ENKEL manufactures autonomous energy sensors, “E-Cubes”, in order to facilitate energy sub-metering. The energy consumptions are measured for each machine and the data is directly sent to the cloud.

A web monitoring platform allows the visualization of the energy consumptions and power curves of each machine.

The data logger is mobile, installed inside a carrying “E-Case”, which is simply plugged to an electric socket.

Up to 60 E-Cube sensors can be connected to one E-Case.
This is the ideal tool to:

  • start your digitalization
  • detect anomalies
  • supervise multiple sites
  • continuous improvement- process optimization
  • conform to new environmental standards regulation

There are 3 ENKEL E-Cubes : 35A, 180A and 500A.

But we are flexible and we can add other types of sensors : CO2, water, temperature, etc.

It is totally flexible so we can start with energy monitoring and, step by step, add up other sensors and build together a comprehensive system that will help you be in control of your facility.

Find your data on our monitoring plateform :

The ENKEL technology and solution have been developped thanks to the finanancial help of the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes who invests in innovation towards a greener industry. 

To learn more about the Go To Green Factory program, you can check the website :