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 Thanks to the ENKEL mobile energy sub-metering systems you can analyse your energy consumptions to act and save money now !

Quick and non-intrusive installation
Perfect tool for measurement campaigns

Detailed sub-metering
Up to 60 sensors per data logger

System scalability towards  global supervision
(CO2, water, gaz, etc.)

The ENKEL sensors are wireless and can therefore be installed very easily and quickly by non-electricians. The sensors are connected and will send the energy consumption measurements to a mobile datalogger which will forward the data to the servers.

The ENKEL system is mobile and flexible. It is ideal for measurements campaigns. A datalogger collects the data from up to 60 sensors. In the case, that more measurements points are needed, it is possible to use multiple dataloggers together within one monitoring system. The ENKEL system is the only plug&play system that can help you achieve immediate results. 

One tool for multiple projects :

  • Detection of anomalies
  • Multiple sites monitoring
  • Energy efficiency projects
  • New environmental compliance

User testimomials :

“Thanks to the ENKEL energy meters we have been able to calculate the energy savings obtained when isolating our heating tanks with an isolation blanket. We measured the energy consumption to heat one tank with blanket and one tank without blanket. The results enabled us to obtain the budgets to equip all our tanks”

Kanav G., Australia 

“Due to the crazy surge of energy costs, we had to become more aware of the energy consumption of all of our machines. Mapping the energy consummers helped us see anomalies. Sometimes similar equipments consume more or less without any specififc reasons. Then we know something can be done. It helped us adjust parameters, such as temperatures or pressions. It helped us see the invisible !”

Eduardo R., Spain 

“We aim to digitalize everything within our group. We want to get rid of paper. The ENKEL energy sub-metering system was for us an easy first-step towards our digital revolution. Today we have equipped 8 plants in Europe”

Andreas K., Germany 

Find your data on our monitoring plateform :